Is Curl V just for naturals or people with curly hair?

No. While Curl V was formulated with people of naturally curly textures in mind, the wonderful blend of ingredients in Curl V is suitable for every type of hair. After all, all hair needs to be nourished, and aside from texture, all hair and the way it functions as part of the body is the same. From naturally straight, to processed, to naturally curly, Curl V can help you reach your hair health goals. 

I’m transitioning. Will Curl V make my hair grow faster?

The all natural ingredients in Curl V promote a healthy scalp, hair growth and retention. For those that are transitioning, this means helping to heal the damage done from previous chemical use and supporting a healthy hair system for new growth.

I’ve just started taking Curl V and I’ve noticed some flaking on my scalp, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal for some. While excessive flaking is not a good sign, the anti-fungul properties in Curl V may lead to mild to moderate flaking while the scalp heals when you first begin taking it. This should clear up by the second month. If it persists, stop taking Curl V. Any scalp conditions should be diagnosed and treated by your regular physician. If any other symptoms occur, stop taking Curl V and see your regular physician.

How is Curl V different from other Hair Growth Supplements?

The first difference would be that Curl V is not a hair growth supplement, it is a hair health supplement. Our goal at Curl V is to help you create the ideal environment for healthy scalp and hair through a holistic approach. And while many of our ingredients promote hair growth which can lead to greater hair length and retention, we are not selling length in a bottle, we are encouraging long term hair health.

How long do I need to use Curl V to see results?

We recommend starting with a 2 or 3 month supply of Curl V. While results may vary, you should see a change in hair health within 30 days. Try our 30:60:90 Daily Way Starter Supply and follow the benchmarks in your hair health progress with this 3 month supply.

Can I use Curl V if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or nursing, please refer to your doctor or healthcare professional on whether to take any supplements.

Is Curl V a tablet or a capsule?

Curl V Hair Vitality Complex is a tablet. If you have problems swallowing tablets, be sure to drink plenty of water with it. While tablets are only slightly cheaper to produce than capsules, we choose to produce tablets so every man and woman can enjoy the benefits of this balanced blend without allergic or other reactions.

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