Bad Curly Habits

By: Zenobia Harris


Fighting the temptation to pull at dangling knots, twirling your hair around your fingers to the point of tangles-- we all have bad hair habits that we need to break. There are some bad hair habits that aren’t too damaging while others can be completely detrimental to the hair health. Here’s Curl V’s top list of bad hair habits that all curlies should break.


Bad Hair Habit #1: Yanking/pulling out hair knots

Pulling knots out of your hair can cause some serious damage. It can be annoying (and downright frustrating) to be in the middle of detangling your hair when a pesky knot gets in the way. The urge to pull at it is there, but don’t! Yanking out a knot of hair gets rid of the unwanted clumps, yes, but it also causes split ends which can lead to bad breakage if care isn’t taken. So instead of using your hands, try to carefully and gently pull the knot apart with a comb. If that doesn’t seem to help, it’s usually best to opt for a pair of hair shears or scissors instead. You are much less likely to have split ends that way than if you just pulled hair knots out freely.


Bad Hair Habit #2: Detangling from root-to-tip instead of tip-to-root

This is a big curly no-no. Detangling curly hair can take some effort because of the nature of the curl. Curly hair is much more prone to tangles, breakage and knots than straight hair, because it is usually woven around other strands of curly hair, making it slightly more difficult to pull apart. That’s why it’s important to take your time during the detangling process. Detangling from the tips of your hair to the roots is essential, because this method puts less stress on the hair and reduces the chances of having a lot of breakage. Not to mention, it’s also slightly less painful, too.


Bad Hair Habit #3: Pulling hair too tightly in up-dos

The last bad hair habit that everyone, regardless of hair type, should break is pulling hair too tightly. Besides causing a massive headache, pulling your hair too tightly into up-dos puts a large amount of stress on your hair follicles, and it can literally pull your hair out at the roots. Aside from causing balding and sparse edges, it can also leave your hair brittle and frizzy from breakage. Another problem is the type of hair band being used to pull the hair back. Hair bands with metal clasps can add to the damage by causing snags and causing hair to get tangled into the band. Always remember to be gentle with your hair with any style. Try to invest in ouchless hair bands or even satin scrunchies and hair ties to eliminate some of the stress on your hair when it is pulled back. If you’re worried about a certain hairstyle being too frizzy or loose without your hair being pulled tightly, try using a gel and/or a hair balm to aid in slicking your hair back. This too can relieve unnecessary tension by smoothing your hair without it being pulled tightly from the scalp.

Your hair, just like anyone’s hair, deserves the utmost respect and care. No matter how you choose to rock your coils, remember that sometimes a little tender love and care is needed to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.