Curly Hair Hacks

By Zenobia Harris

Curly Hair Hacks


Having curly hair doesn’t always mean that styling and maintenance has to be extra difficult and time consuming. Curl V wants to give you a few hair hacks to make your day-to-day hair routine much simpler.


The first tip is to use saran wrap on your sink and shower drains while detangling your hair. It’s no secret that detangling days can lead to big hair messes in the bathroom. Sometimes, those clumps of hair can lead to a clogged drain. One good way to ease the headache of post-detangling cleanup is to cover your sink or shower drain in seran wrap. This will keep hair out of the drain and save you a whole lot of time cleaning up afterwards.

The second tip is to “double-pineapple” your hair. Many curly people are aware of the meaning behind the term “pineapple” (it’s not just a fruit). For those people who don’t, the pineapple method involves pulling all of your hair into a loose high ponytail in order to preserve your curls, especially at night. However, there are some problems associated with the original pineapple method that can easily be fixed with the double pineapple. If you have short or super thick, curly hair, it can be hard to pull all of your hair into a high ponytail and expect it to stay there all night. This method can also apply undue stress on the edges. Another problem is that high ponytails can over stretch the hair, especially towards the back of the head. So when you finally take your hair down, sometimes the curls in the back are stretched almost to complete straightness which may not produce the look you were hoping for. The best way to safely stretch and protect your strands is to do two ponytails-- one high ponytail at the top of the head and a low ponytail at the bottom. This will preserve your curls without completely straightening them or over-stressing the hair, and you have better chances of maintaining two pineapples than one.

The third tip is to rinse out your conditioner with cold water only. When washing your hair, it is important to utilize both temperature settings for different reasons. You should use warm to hot water to rinse your hair while shampooing, because hot water opens the pores in your scalp and the cuticles of your hair. This allows the shampoo to really clean the scalp and hair, and it allows the conditioner to moisturize your the strands and penetrate the hair shaft. Rinsing out conditioner with cold water helps seal the cuticle of the hair thus sealing in the moisture and shine provided by conditioner and water. It also helps prevent frizz by helping to close and smooth the hair cuticle.

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