Natural 2.0: Cold Weather Hair Health

by Brandy Bynum, Curl V contributor, Social Media Intern

As we wind down from the hot summers months and enter into the cool breeze of fall, making sure your hair stays healthy remains a top priority as crisper weather creates a harsher environment for your hair.  In preparation of the months to come, Curl V has four easy tips to help maintain healthy hair:

Tip #1: Water, water and more water

A very important part in having healthy hair is Water.  Water is actually the only component of keeping your hair moisturized.  Harsh conditions like cold weather can cause hair to become dry and brittle, which leads to split ends and heavy shedding. It is recommended in between washes to use water daily as a moisturizer. Using cool to lukewarm water eliminates any potential frizz. You can use a plastic spray bottle that you can purchase from your local dollar store.  Drinking the average 8 glasses of water a day is also beneficial to making sure your hair is healthy. If you aren’t the biggest water drinker, add some fruit to give it a taste, which should help.

Tip #2: Keeping the Moisture

We learned in tip #1 that water is a key necessity for moisturizing your hair but keeping the moisture is an essential tip. After a good wash or co-wash, use the method that best works for your hair to seal in moisture. Whether that’s using the LOC method (Liquid (Water), Oil, and Cream), or for a lighter sealant, aloe vera, sealing in moisture helps keep the scalp rejuvenated, prevents dryness, and preserves curls.               

Tip #3:  Wash Less

While it may seem counterintuitive to retaining moisture, over washing hair during cold months can be just as drying on the hair and scalp. Co-washing (conditioner only washing) is a good way to allow your hair to retain its natural oils and provides a gentler clean. As a rule, keep oils and product away from your scalp as much as you can to extend your washes and keep scalp clear of build up. Only use product on the hair two inches down from the scalp.

Tip #4: Protective Styling

Protective styling is any style that protects your hair from damage. Protective styling is an awesome choice when it gets cold or when you just don’t want to mess with your hair. It allows less manipulation and depending on the style requires low maintenance. Ideally, protective styles should be stress free, so remember when choosing a protective style try to avoid those that put tension on your edges. You don’t want to be edgeless after you take your style down. Always keep hair moisturized too. 

These tips will carry you through the winter months and help you maintain healthy hair. Are there any tips we missed? How do you keep hair healthy in chillier climates? We would love to hear from you. Share a comment below!