Edge Wise: Edge Care and Healthy Hairline Practices

Thin, damaged edges are a major concern for many women and remain a motivating factor for those seeking ways to improve their hair health. Years of stressful hairstyling techniques and scalp damaging fads have resulted in too many women left with what feels like irreversible damage to the delicate hair at their hairlines. The all natural ingredients in Curl V Hair Vitality Complex help to stimulate underactive hair follicles and promote renewed hair health in those seeking to reverse damage done by previous hair care habits and hormonal imbalances. In addition to a daily inclusion of Curl V, here are five preventative and protective habits you can include in your daily routine to lessen stress on your hairline and prevent future breakage:

1.      Ditch the Pineapple: Pineappling curly hair has been used as a way to maintain protective and twist or braid out styles. While pineappling is often looser than a ponytail, the volume of hair at the top can create a bottling effect, resulting in even loose hair ties pulling your edges. During sleep, if you move about, you are more prone to weaken your hairline with the added restriction. Sleeping with hair loose on a satin pillow creates a buffer between your edges and the friction of sleep movement. If you must tie your hair, use a loose cap with an elastic free band.

2.     Know your “nuzzle” spot”: Many people move their heads while sleeping, and often this movement can be restricted to a certain spot. Over time the hair at this “nuzzle” spot can thin, especially if it is at the front near your hairline. Curl V founder and CEO Iman Byfield noticed that the hair at her left temple was thinning in one spot in a very distinct circular pattern. She first thought this was due to her struggles with PCOS, but once, while near her sleep state, she noticed she had a habit of rubbing her head into her pillow to get comfortable in the exact spot where her edges were thinning. Identifying this as her "nuzzle spot", a slight bedtime change combined with her daily use of Curl V saw the spot restored in a little over three weeks.

To rectify this problem, sleep with hair loose with a satin scarf tied slightly down on the forehead to protect your head during sleep movement.

3.     Put down the brush: A good hair day isn’t a good hair day unless your baby hairs are laid but resist the urge to over brush your edges. Use an extra-soft toothbrush or your fingers to lay your edges. If you use a brush, only make contact with hair strands and avoid pulling down too much on the hair or brushing the scalp.

4.     Wash gently: We are often tempted to scrub our heads while washing, with most attention focused on the front of the head and the crown which can loosen the follicles and contribute to thinning. Instead of directly scrubbing the scalp, lift longer strands of hair to gently massage the temples and lift dirt. Never use your nails. Not only is scrubbing unnecessary to cleanse the hair, it damages the scalp.

5.     Use care when protective styling: One of the reasons the Curl V Daily Way does not focus on length goals is that the desire to see growth in the dominant and fastest growing section of the hair, the part that hangs down the back, is sometimes at the neglect of more fragile parts, namely the edges and ends. Protective styles are great for aiding in growth and low manipulation of hair, but styles such as box and micro braids, rollers and extension twists such as Marley and Havana twists can restrict the natural movement of the hair and pull at the edges, especially during sleep and when in top styles.

To keep pulling to a minimum, braid or twist hair at the temples without added hair or leave the shortest hair at your edges loose and instruct your braid technician to braid the remaining hairline strands loosely and use a smaller amount of hair to decrease the weight of the braid.


Edge protection depends on daily and consistent healthy hair habits. Whether your goal is edge repair, length retention or overall beautiful hair, these practices and the balanced blend of ingredients in Curl V Hair Vitality Complex can give you the daily way to healthy, strong hair.