#Long Hair,Don't Care? Length Goals, Hair Health, and the Curl V Daily Way


Abundant hair has long been the envy of many men and women. On a social and biological level, long hair has been thought to reflect youth and vitality. When it comes to aesthetics, many cultures have viewed longer hair growth as signifying beauty, particularly in women, but in men too.

While a head full of hair, or hair that grows quickly is one way of measuring hair health, basing one's idea of hair health solely on length goals can be a misleading means of determining overall hair condition, and can also cause one to ignore other health issues that affect the condition of the hair.*

The truth is, there are many factors that determine how quickly or slowly any individual's hair grows. Regardless of cultural myths or outdated ideas concerning people of color or those with curly or kinky hair textures, every person's hair grows, albeit at different rates. And just as biological factors determine hair thickness, texture, color, etc., genetics will ultimately determine what the hair that comes out of your head looks like and how it behaves. As hair care and product developers, what we at Curl V strive to do is create products that allow a person's natural hair state to function properly and at its best.

With the abundance of styling products and techniques on the market and in use, many people rarely get to see their hair functioning at its healthiest, sans product and with proper nutrition. We at Curl V like to consider our approach as the prep before the product, pre-product. We aren't against products for styling, nor do we advocate for any particular hair care routine, but our focus is getting the hair beautiful before the product. We seek to consider and address various hair health issues that can occur with women of varying ages and wellness states. With Curl V Hair Vitality Complex, our goal is not to give you the hair of your favorite celebrity or your favorite haircare guru, but to help you repair and revive your personal hair system so that you can have your best hair with results that reflect your body and personal beauty. This includes helping to repair damage done by previous styling and hair care habits, and giving your body the nutrients it needs to give you your best and healthiest curls, coils and strands. We are not selling length in a bottle. We only desire to create wonderful, all natural products, based on the combined expertise of our team, which includes nutrition experts, herbalists and natural hair care experts, to create healthy hair systems for men and women all over, and help every person see their hair and scalps functioning at their very best.

With so many hair supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which product is the one that will help you reach your hair goals. No one product will work for every person, and no one product will give every person the same results. Ultimately, it is most important to realize that hair health, length retention and growth require full care of the system in which it functions, that being the body. Just as a pill taken can give the hair health or growth results desired, the other things we put into our bodies and on our hair and scalp can counter or even negate those benefits. 

Healthy hair takes time, patience, and most of all balance. The Curl V approach to hair health seeks to find a considerate method to boost your daily hair vitality with high quality, all natural ingredients in Curl V Hair Vitality Complex, while also giving you noticeable results to help you reach your hair health goals.

Curl V is working hard and with care on several innovative formulas, like our forthcoming Curl T, a whole body clarifying system that works inside and out to strengthen and nourish hair, as well as other great products for healthy hair and care.



*If any person has underlying health conditions, personal physician recommended treatment options should be sought out.