Curl V Conversations: Going Natural

by Brandy Bynum, Curl V contributor, Social Media Intern

While it's safe to say the natural hair movement has established itself as a fixture among women of color, there are still many woman who would like to transition to their natural hair textures but are hesitant to do so. Curl V chats with four beautiful, new and old naturals about transitioning, learning their textures, and hair care honesty.


Janine Jones

Chicago, IL

[I've been] natural since 2013. I decided to go natural because I had braids and when I took them out, all the relaxed hair had grown out. I wanted to see what type of growth I could get and retain. I wanted healthy hair. My go to natural style is a high curly ponytail. My advice would be that every product is not going to work for everyone. Don’t spend your money buying everything that works for everybody else.

Quanda Mordica

Kansas City, KS

I became natural 3 years ago.  There were numerous reasons why I became natural.  Medication I was taking after surgery was breaking my hair off pretty bad along with stress from everyday life.  I wasn’t feeling like myself so one day I woke up went to work like normal then came home and took scissors to my hair.  I cried as I made each cut, but afterwards I cried tears of relief.  I felt like myself again.  Like I was born again…lol I’m in love with my hair!  My go to style is a full out fro, wash ‘n’ go, or a sexy scarf. 

Noelle "Nikki" Critz

Miami, FL

I became natural in 1995. I decided to go natural because I didn’t like being dependent on relaxers, and my hair was damaged from the continued use of chemicals.  I wanted to be set free! Lol.  My one piece of advice to someone wanting to go natural hands down would be…BE PATIENT!! Learning what works for you and your hair is a journey, You won’t figure things out overnight.  You have to stay committed to reading, experimenting and constantly working to find a regime that works for you.  So be patient with yourself and don’t expect hair perfection right out the gate.  My go to natural style is mini twists.  Once I put in the work to do the mini twist I can style them how ever I want and they last at least 5 days.  Low manipulation styles that help keep my hands out of my hair are what help me retain length, so the mini twists have become my saving grace.  Also another tip would be don’t become a product junkie!  Reach out to all the naturals you know and see if they have unused products hiding in their closets. 

Savontaye Bankhead

Austin, TX

I went natural in 2013. Well I transitioned in and cut the rest of my perm out in 2014.  I went natural because I would have to apply a perm every 3 weeks and I could feel how thin my hair felt. My hair was rather long but it wasn't as full as I felt it should be and I knew this was due to perming. I started out just trying to see how long I could go without going back to getting perms because for me it was a mental thing. I felt like my hair was "nappy" when it really wasn't, hence the perming 3 weeks.  I wanted to slap a perm in so bad but I told myself wait another week. Weeks started turning into months but I couldn’t find styles because it is very hard to maintain transitioning hair.  I would constantly break combs and brushes and I wanted to give in so badly but I slowly started trimming off the perm and I could see how my hair became easier to maintain.  After cutting the bit of perm out it was like a HUGE relief because I was able to style it. I usually do wash and goes. My advice for those weighing their options, I say, go for it! Try transitioning if you can’t see yourself doing the BIG CHOP but know that this will be a STRUGGLE until you become fully natural.


Why did you decide to go natural? We love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and share your stories!

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