The Curl V Daily Way

Many factors affect hair health and growth, including genetics, pre-existing medical conditions, previous hair care methods, emotional and mental balance and overall well-being.

Curl V Hair Vitality Complex formulated with Calendula and Kelp is a balanced, all natural supplement with only the highest quality ingredients for a holistic approach to daily hair and scalp health.

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The daily way to your best hair starts with Curl V Hair Vitality Complex for healthier, stronger, revitalized hair.*

Let Curl V lead you to your hair health goals. Order your 30:60:90 Daily Way Starter Supply of Curl V Hair Vitality Complex, now!

"There is a point in every hair health journey where you realize that the hair you have is the hair you have, and it’s beautiful, and all you can do is make it its best. The Curl V Daily Way rests on the idea that the best hair is your best hair, regardless of type, styling preferences or length. We can’t give you the hair of your friend, cousin, favorite celebrity or hair care guru, but what we will do is help you achieve your best hair through a balanced, considered approach for long term hair health."

-Iman Byfield, Curl V Founder and CEO

30:60:90 Starter Supply
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